PROFI acrylic enamel


  • Excellent coverage capacities
  • Snow-white color with absolute resistance to yellowing
  • Wonderful palette of fast bright colors
  • Anti-blocking effect (blocking resistance)
  • Easy to apply; good spreading capacities and run avoidance
  • Highly weatherproof and resistant to intensive washing
  • Applicable for radiators and heating elements (withstands temperature up to +120°C)

Product Description

Technical specifications:


Water (up to 10%)

Spreading rate:

10-12 m²/l, depending on substrate roughness

Drying time:

30-40 min. Next layer to be put after 1-2 h.


1,2-1,3 kg/l


Snow-white and 8 ready-for-use colors


Suitable for tinting in accordance with catalogs: Kompozit®, NCS, RAL (A and C base)


Glossy, silky-matt

Guaranteed shelf life:   

24 months from the date of manufacture


0.3 l, 0.8 l, 2.7 l, 10 l

Where to use:
The enamel is intended for wooden, wood-fiber, primed metal, some plastic (foamed polystyrene, PVC) and masonry (plastered, concrete, cement) substrates, wallpapers subject to painting, as well as renovation of the surfaces coated with old alkyd enamels and latex paints inside and outside the buildings.
It is recommended for painting furniture, doors, window frames and jambs, working tools, structures, etc. It is suitable for the decoration of baseboards, baguettes and other texture items.