PRIME 7 interior paint


  • Makes thin-layer flexible coating
  • Anti-static effect (dust prevention)
  • Ideal painting for textured surfaces and wallpaper; enhanced texture pattern
  • Easy to apply; goo spreading capacities and run avoidance
  • Good coverage capacities
  • Tinting in a wide palette of light and deep tones
  • Resistance to detergents and disinfectants (grade 1 of coating) and regular impact of hot (up to 100°C) water
  • Recommended for use in medical and health institutions, kindergartens, schools and other educational establishments (State SES Resolution No. 05.03.02-04/126000 dated 28 December 2011)
  • Odorless

Product Description

Technical specifications:


Water (up to 10%)

Drying time:

30 min. Next layer to be applied after 1-2 h.


1,4 kg/l




Suitable for tinting in accordance with catalogs: Kompozit®, NCS, RAL (A and C base)

Guaranteed shelf life:   

24 months from production date


0.9 l, 2.7 l, 4,5l, 9 l


Classification according to DSTU EN 13300 :2012

Spreading rate:

8-12 m²/ kg, depending on substrate type


Silky matt


Grade I


Grade I of coating


Where to use:

The product is intended for painting plaster, concrete, brick, puttied substrates, plasterboards, magnesite, wood chipboards and fiberboards inside the buildings. Excellent for painting wallpaper and other textured surfaces. Strong adhesion to different types of substrate allows using PRIME for repair painting, e.g. for the surfaces coated with old alkyd enamels.

It is used to paint walls and ceilings in dry and humid premises, including with heavy operational load. Especially recommended for the rooms with severe hygienic requirements: nurseries, catering and medical facilities, bathrooms (lavatories).