METALLIQ® acrylic enamel


  • Makes high-flexible coating resistant to thermal and humidity change
  • Provides color and gloss stability
  • Withstands washing detergents and disinfectants (grade 1 of coating)
  • Suitable for various substrates inside and outside the buildings
  • Ability to mix the ready-to-use enamels together and with Kompozit® water-borne varnishes to get various tints and effects

Product Description

Technical specifications:


Water (up to 10%)

Spreading rate:

6-8,5 m2/l

Drying time:

30-40 min.


1,2 kg/l


Silver, gold, bronze, blue shine, gold, emerald, red wine, brass, platinum, roman gold, red gold, pearl, black pearl*


Suitable for tinting in accordance with catalogs: Kompozit® DECO and RAL (GM and SM base)


Metallic, pearl

Guaranteed shelf life:   

24 months from the date of manufacture


0.1 kg, 0.5 kg, 0.9 kg, 3.5 kg, 12 kg


Where to use:

The enamel is intended for painting the wooden and primed metal as well as wood-fiber, wood-chipboard, foam-polystyrene and masonry (plastered, concrete, cement) substrates inside and outside the buildings. It can be applied to repair painting of the surfaces painted earlier with alkyd enamels.

It is recommended for painting the decoration items and structures, furniture, doors, window frames and casings, baseboards, baguettes, stucco moldings and other texture items. It is suitable for decoration painting of small items, souvenirs and other artistic purposes.