ANTIKOR Primer for metal


  • Contains anticorrosive pigments and flash-rust corrosion inhibitors, which provide corrosion protection
  • Makes the coating system resistant to wetness, salt solutions, oils and other corrosive factors
  • Fast-drying, odorless
  • Application of solvent-borne and water-borne enamels and paints is possible

Product Description

Technical specifications:


Water (up to 10%)

Spreading rate:

6-10 m2/l

Drying time:

30-40 min.


1,40 kg/l


Light-grey, reddish-brown*

Guaranteed shelf life:    

18 months from the date of manufacture


1 l, 3.5 l, 15 l

Where to use:
The product is intended for priming ferrous as well as some nonferrous substrates (zinc-coated and stainless steel, copper, brass, bronze). The application to wooden surfaces and those painted earlier with alkyd enamels is possible, too.
It is used to prime metal constructions, fences, drainage, water- and other pipes, metallic furniture and doors, tools and similar surfaces inside and outside the buildings, especially high-humidity ones.